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PREVENT Asphaltene Inhibitors

Maximize production by preventing asphaltene deposition

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Reduce nonproductive time, improve environmental compliance

Specialist expertise and treatments mitigate the flow assurance challenges—such as plugs and deposits in the formation, tubing, separators, and other parts of the system—caused by asphaltene precipitation, thus minimizing nonproductive time and improving environmental compliance.

Inhibitors prevent asphaltenes from flocculating. They can be squeezed or continuously injected upstream of the process bubblepoint.

The most effective solution is formulated using field and fluid data. A range of laboratory tests is conducted based on this data to simulate field conditions. These tests can include live-fluid organic solids deposition analysis.

Product performance is evaluated and confirmed in the field by measuring changes to process and fluid properties using instrumental and chemical methods.

PREVENT asphaltene inhibitors
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