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Granular iron oxide-based hydrogen sulfide adsorbents

Optimal product and system configuration to remove H2S and mercury

Schlumberger purification products are used in fixed-bed processes that are easy to operate and require minimal operator attention. Our experts work with you to select the optimal product and system configuration.

While upstream natural gas processing is the primary application, the range of adsorbents works effectively in most gaseous streams. Diverse applications include early production systems; floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) facilities; gas processing plants; offshore platforms; petrochemical plants; refineries; odor control; vent gas treatment; wastewater treatment; gas storage; biogas; food-grade CO2; and landfill gas.

Extensive supporting services

Customized support ranges from basic media provision through to a fully engineered technical solution comprising basic system design, media supply, detailed engineering, fabrication package, equipment supply, and spent media handling.

Process flow diagram for H2S removal from gas using SULFATREAT adsorbent.
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