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Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from Gas

Adsorbents for dry and water-saturated gas

Reliably remove H2S from gas

Schlumberger offers two primary product lines for removal of H2S from gas: SULFATREAT granular iron oxide–based H2S adsorbents and SELECT high-capacity H2S and mercury adsorbents.

Nonhazardous SULFATREAT adsorbents are the industry’s leading adsorbents for treatment of water-saturated gas. Principal products include

  • SULFATREAT CHP granular iron oxide–based H2S adsorbent
  • SULFATREAT 410CHP and SULFATREAT 2242 Plus reduced-pressure-drop iron oxide–based H2S adsorbents
  • SULFATREAT XLP-EZ extended-life, simplified-changeout iron oxide–based H2S adsorbent.
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Effective H2S gas treatment

Discover how to keep gas H2S free

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Fast-reacting SELECT adsorbents are engineered using enhanced porosity control for improved activity. These products facilitate greater flexibility in system design and formulations are available for treatment of both dry and water-saturated gas. Principal products include

  • SELECT HP and SELECT PREMIUM mixed metal oxide–based H2S adsorbents
  • SELECT XLP extended-life iron oxide–based H2S adsorbent.

Cost-effective solutions, efficient operation

All Schlumberger adsorbents are nonpyrophoric, straightforward to handle in both unreacted and ready-for-disposal forms, and backed by an industry-leading performance warranty.

Product consumption depends only on the amount of H2S that passes through the bed, economically matching the need for H2S removal with variations in system flow conditions. A single vessel can be used but a lead or lag configuration provides the greatest operating flexibility, enabling continuous production while media is replaced.

Support for recycling and disposal

Catalyst handling specialists are recommended for changeouts. Our experts can help you determine the best option for recycling or disposing of spent material. Disposal routes are well established and personnel are available for onsite installation and removal support, as needed.

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