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The Schlumberger portfolio of Sensa fiber-optic monitoring systems includes a range of distributed measurement technologies for a range of applications. Our suite of distributed fiber-optic sensors is designed and manufactured at the Schlumberger Fiber Optics Technology Center in the UK.

Short-range distributed temperature sensor (DTS)

Reaching out to 4 mi [6 km] per channel, the short-range DTS offers supreme flexibility for a broad range of applications, including LNG (both on land and offshore), subsea operations, and industrial process plants. Compatibility with the WellWatcher Connect wellsite data transmission system simplifies data delivery across firewalls and geographic locations with a global system for mobile communication and satellite communications.
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Standard-range temperature sensor

A single standard-range temperature sensor can measure up to 9 mi [15 km] of fiber with 3-ft [1-m] resolution, update data in just a few seconds, resolve temperatures to 0.018 degF [0.01 degC], and interrogate up to 12 fibers from one system.
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Long-range distributed temperature sensor (DTS)

Representing a revolution in distributed optical sensing technology, the long-range DTS enables measurements up to 31 mi [50 km] in a single-ended configuration and double that distance in a two-ended configuration.
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Long-range dual-channel distributed strain and temperature sensor (DSTS)

A bespoke remote optical amplifier in the field powered by an optical pump unit at the cabinet enables a 62-mi [100-km] range at each of the two channels. The DSTS can be daisy-chained for longer-range requirements.
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Real-time intelligent distributed vibration sensor (DVS)

A patented multifrequency heterodyne optical technique gives the real-time intelligent DVS best-in-class signal-to-noise ratio across the full sensing range of 24 mi [40 km]. It measures every 6.5 ft [2 m] along the length of a fiber, providing many thousands of data points.
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