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Dissolvable plug-and-perf system

Eliminate milling to improve efficiency and economics of multistage stimulation

Produce your well faster by deploying the Infinity dissolvable plug-and-perf system to isolate zones in openhole and cased hole wells. The system uses degradable seats and balls to replace conventional frac plugs. After all stages are stimulated, the seat assemblies dissolve completely and predictably after contact with common completion fluids. The well is left with fullbore access, and immediate production is possible.

In addition to accelerating your well production, the system eliminates lateral length restrictions associated with coiled tubing accessibility for milling. This means you can drill longer laterals and maximize reservoir contact and estimated ultimate recovery (EUR).

Infinity dissolvable plug-and-perf system
Immediate production
Large ID enables production right after the frac
Fullbore production
Dissolvable body and balls enable fullbore production without milling
Longer laterals
Eliminating milling removes length restrictions related to coiled tubing reach
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Dissolvable plug-and-perf system
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