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Permanent Downhole Gauge Applications

Leverage proven reliability and metrology

Pressure transient analysis
Reservoir diagnostics: Permeability, formation damage, drainage, interference
Pressure decline evaluation
Reservoir volumetric analysis: Reserves estimate, decline curve analysis, layer communication or reservoir crossflow
Multipoint pressure measurements
Production diagnostics: Real-time downhole fluid density measurements, water and gas breakthrough, slugging, crossflow and flow rates for production allocation and management
Reservoir pressure control
Reservoir drawdown management: Wellbore cleanup optimization, flow above bubblepoint or dewpoint, fines migration and sand management
Pressure interference
Reservoir connectivity: Reservoir compartmentalization via interference tests, optimization of infill well placement and injection strategy
Stimulation pressure diagnostics
Well performance analysis: Frac efficiency monitoring, acid diversion evaluation
Reservoir simulation model calibration
Reservoir dynamics update: Use of downhole pressures for history-matching to improve and validate reservoir models
Artificial lift optimization
Fluid level control: Flowing bottomhole pressure monitoring, pump cavitation elimination, artificial lift system performance evaluation
Intelligent completion monitoring
Zonal production management: Tubing and annulus pressure diagnostics to optimize zonal production and delay water and gas breakthrough
Learn how oil production increased 15% in a mature Ecuador oil field
WellWatcher Advisor software used downhole PT measurements to recommend production optimization actions for each zone.
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