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WellWatcher Quartz

Premium high-temperature, high-resolution PT gauges

Rated up to 30,000 psi [207 MPa]
Qualified for a 30-year life at 356 degF [180 degC]

Acquire high-resolution downhole pressure and temperature data even in HPHT wells

Designed to deliver downhole pressure and temperature measurement data in some of the industry's most challenging environments, WellWatcher quartz premium high-temperature, high-resolution PT gauges deliver accuracy over the long term. 

With multidrop capability of up to eight gauges on a single cable, the WellWatcher Quartz gauges add flexibility and stability to intelligent completions and single- or multiple-zone reservoir monitoring applications.

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Rely on accuracy for data-informed decisions

WellWatcher Quartz gauges are part of the family of WellWatcher permanent monitoring systems, which help operators optimize well productivity and improve hydrocarbon recovery throughout the producing life of a well or field by providing real-time evaluation through accurate downhole measurements. 

The WellWatcher Quartz gauges are designed for long performance lifetimes in HPHT wells, with advanced cable connector technologies and hermetically sealed gauge housings. Rigorous qualification testing includes accelerated life cycle testing, thermal shock cycle testing, and repeated shock and vibration testing. 

WellWatcher Quartz premium high-temperature, high-resolution PT gauge
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