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Schlumberger Highlights “The Future is Open” in SIS Global Forum

Published: 09/19/2019

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LONDON, September 19, 2019—Schlumberger announced today its biennial event, the SIS Global Forum 2019, has surpassed expectations, laying firm foundations for a new era of openness and widespread collaboration in the oil and gas industry. This reaffirms the importance of the Forum in bringing together key industry players and enabling the acceleration of the digital transformation in our industry.

The Forum attracted record numbers of visitors—in excess of 800 customers and partners from 65 countries accounting for more than 70% of global oil and gas production. The three-day event included 12 plenary keynote presentations from leaders of global organizations and a five-track leadership program featuring influential industry panelists discussing opportunities in an environment of digital and technological disruption. The most advanced technical solutions in the industry were presented in collaboration with global technology and E&P companies.

Schlumberger’s commitment to openness is taken further in the DELFI* cognitive E&P environment through three dimensions: firstly, the liberation of data and workflows, the open sourcing of the DELFI data ecosystem and its contribution to the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) Forum. Secondly, the environment enables our customers to seamlessly integrate and connect their own technology and the technology of others. Finally, the developer portal provides a new path for customers, academia and independent software companies to extend petrotechnical workflows and create truly differentiated solutions.

“The 2019 SIS Global Forum has demonstrated that Schlumberger is firmly committed to digital investments and openness. Working with our customers and global technology partners, we will continue to deliver technologies and solutions that are founded on our belief in openness and a vision for sharing and collaboration—vital components of the future success of upstream oil and gas,” said Olivier Le Peuch, chief executive officer, Schlumberger, speaking at the Forum. “By working on common digital foundations for our industry together, we will get to the next level faster, allowing us to focus our efforts on where we can truly differentiate and bring value to our stakeholders.”

During the event, Schlumberger introduced four native applications in the DELFI environment spanning exploration, drilling, field development and production domains: ExplorePlan* accelerated exploration planning solution enables operators to fortify the planning process and prioritize the greatest opportunities for investment; DrillOps* on-target well delivery solution ensures the rig operates at peak performance throughout the execution of the digital drilling plan; FDPlan* agile field development planning solution orchestrates tasks across the development teams, enabling coherent planning and quality decisions; and ProdOps* tuned production operations solution delivers timely insights to risks and opportunities in production operations.

In the measurements space, Schlumberger introduced the Ora* intelligent wireline formation testing platform, which delivers a step-change in reservoir evaluation by integrating new digital hardware with intelligent planning, advanced operations control and contextual insights to enable real-time decisions.

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The SIS Global Forum 2019 has surpassed expectations, laying firm foundations for a new era of openness and widespread collaboration in the oil and gas industry.