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Eclipse FrontSim Streamline Simulator

Three-dimensional, three-phase black oil and compositional streamline simulator

Eclipse FrontSim streamline simulator

Streamline simulation uses different computational methods from standard finite-difference reservoir simulators and is invariably faster than the traditional approach. In the case of incompressible, heterogeneous reservoirs, the speed improvement can by many orders of magnitude.

The simulator calculates the pressure throughout the reservoir and then generates a series of streamlines that represent the fluid flow pattern.

The movement of fluids is then calculated along these streamlines.

Eclipse FrontSim Streamline Simulator

Because large simulation models can be run in a relatively short time using the FrontSim simulator, it is an invaluable tool for many simulation intensive workflows such as geological model screening and ranking, uncertainty studies, and history matching. It is also used extensively for waterflood optimization, as the generated streamlines make it easy to understand injector–producer relationships.

The Eclipse 2023.3 release includes key developments that improve CO2 storage functionality, as well as usability enhancements to various features.

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