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Studio software for data managers

Administer the Studio E&P knowledge software, including data across multiple stores and knowledge created by Petrel users

Studio environment for data managers

Full environment administration

Studio Manager consolidates all administrative and core data management workflows, allowing you to quickly understand the state of your Studio software. Using advanced Studio Manager applications, you can ascertain the status of repositories, review recent user activity, identify tasks that need to be performed, and proactively support your asset team users.

Studio Manager also provides data access controls and security to the scalable Studio database, supported by industry-standard technology (Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server) and the required tools to create and manage data sources and data environments.

Proactively manage your asset team data

Studio Manager provides data managers with adequate communication and data browsing tools—such as the Message Center, Viewers, and Find apps; and Database Users and Message Center widgets—to proactively manage asset data.

With these tools, data managers can stay informed on the status of users’ repository connection and data transfers, even while working in other Studio Manager apps. If an issue is detected, they can communicate with Studio database users through the integration with Microsoft Lync.

With easy visualization and filtering capabilities for large quantities of data, data managers can quickly browse data across different sources via Studio Manager search capabilities and use a comprehensive set of filters to narrow search results. They can also visualize data in 2D and 3D viewers with geographical context by displaying maps—as in Petrel subsurface software.

A quality environment for users to collaborate

Studio Manager provides a complete set of tools to enable data managers to identify data issues or inconsistencies, and easily correct them. It equips data managers with powerful tools for viewing, filtering, and modifying information to maintain an environment the users can trust.

To ensure the integrity and quality of data in the repository, data managers have the ability to apply data-matching rules based on attributes other than the global unique identifier (GUID). The Studio database applies match rules when a Petrel user sends well or seismic data into the repository.

Maintain an organized environment

Studio Manager provides a complete set of tools to organize your team’s data. Data managers can reorganize data in the repositories by moving data items to the desired folder, allowing better classification and control. And with enhanced well reference data organizing tools, you can sort, rename delete, and move Global well logs as well as renaming and deleting of Global Well log folders in the repositories.

Filters can be created and used to easily administer the repository data. Data managers can create and select a filter to quickly find and narrow the results displayed in other applications.

Petrel 2024.1 and Studio 2024.1 available now

Petrel 2024.1 and Studio 2024.1 now available

Commitment to technology and quality is one of SLB’s guiding principles. In line with this, our Petrel 2024.1 and Studio 2024.1 updates deliver the latest in domain workflows, functionality, and productivity.

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