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Studio software for Petrel users

Enhanced levels of productivity for the Petrel subsurface software

Studio environment for Petrel users

Increase productivity through collaboration

The Studio E&P knowledge software brings an enhanced level of productivity to the Petrel subsurface software. The embedded Studio software improves productivity with multiuser database access and collaborative work sessions with team members across the enterprise. Users are kept fully updated as to what is happening across the team.

Capture data of value

Petrel subsurface software brings disciplines together with best-in-class applied science in an unparalleled productivity environment. Studio software maintains the flexibility of the Petrel project environment while incorporating the freedom to explore scenarios in the safety of a working project while capturing pertinent information for other team members to facilitate collaboration when required.

Share information manually or automatically synchronize

Studio software puts users in control of what they share with others on the team. Single data items or whole folders can be shared manually with a simple right-click. Alternatively, groups working together can choose to collaborate by synchronizing their work based on a specific folder to automatically share all updates with others who have elected to keep that folder in sync. The same Studio software can be configured to suit a range of collaboration scenarios.

Capture additional knowledge for increased confidence

Studio software enables the capture of additional knowledge on the status of interpretation by flagging items as they are shared. Users can identify if interpretation is in progress or complete, capture confidence levels, and lock items to restrict further changes being made. Capturing this additional information at the point of sharing improves the quality of the data in the Studio software and increases confidence in the decisions taken.

Users can capture more than just data. The Studio software enables storing and sharing the knowledge of how a result was accomplished.

Petrel 2024.1 and Studio 2024.1 available now

Petrel 2024.1 and Studio 2024.1 now available

Commitment to technology and quality is one of SLB’s guiding principles. In line with this, our Petrel 2024.1 and Studio 2024.1 updates deliver the latest in domain workflows, functionality, and productivity.

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