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Symmetry field

Fully integrated reservoir/multi-phase gathering system simulator


Our fully integrated reservoir/multi-phase gathering system simulator enables you to quickly optimize your total field, no matter what the size.

Symmetry Field Workspace models large and small gas properties. The simulation of complex pipeline systems (with or without liquids), vertical/horizontal wells, 3D reservoirs, and simple tanks are all possible in one stand-alone model. Additional capabilities include flow splitting, line looping, parallel/series compression, multiple delivery points, and injection/withdrawal scenarios. The drag-and-drop pipeline design feature and on-screen UTM coordinate system enable the user to build surface network systems quickly and accurately.

Shallow gas

  •  VMGField has been widely used to model the SE Alberta and SW Saskatchewan shallow gas fields
  • Milk River, Medicine Hat, and Second White Specks formations
  • Gridded reservoir models with vertical communication
  • Vertical wells with multi-zone completions
  • Commingled production
  • Up to 8,000 wells in one model
  • Complex gathering systems operating at very low suction pressures

Tight gas

  • VMGField has been used to model the low permeability gas fields in NE British Columbia and NW Alberta
  • Gridded reservoir models
  • Multi-lateral horizontal wells
  • Pad drilling
  • Type curve matching
  • Complex gathering systems
  • Multiphase wellbore and pipeline

Shale gas

  • VMGField has been used to model shale gas fields in NE British Columbia
  • Very low permeability reservoir with multi-stage fractures
  • Gridded reservoir models
  • Vertical / horizontal wells
  • Pad drilling
  • Type curve matching
  • Multiphase wellbore and pipeline
  • Drill-to-fill

Coal bed methane

  •   VMGField has been used to model coal bed methane
  • Gridded reservoir model linked with Gcomp multiphase simulator
  • Gas-water and dual porosity reservoir system
  • Langmuir isotherm tables
  • Relative permeability curves
  • Multi-lateral wells
  • Multiphase wellbore and pipeline

Gas storage modeling

  • Widely used for evaluating new projects and optimizing existing major projects in Western Canada
  • Injection and withdrawal scenarios
  • Gas marketing tool for day to day storage commitments


  • Quickly build fully integrated gridded 3D reservoir, complex gathering system, and facility models in one package
  • Predict nodal pressures, temperatures, fluid compositions and water born species concentrations in the network
  • User-friendly input/output interface
  • Computationally incredibly efficient—built for large fields with high well counts

Reservoir model

  •  Dry gas (pseudo pressure formulation)
  • Gridded or tank reservoirs (1D, 2D, or 3D)
  • Fully-defined reservoir properties
  • Multi-layer/multi-zone
  • Multiple completions
  • Dual-porosity capability
  • Links to multi-phase simulator GCOMP for modeling of gas-water, coal bed methane, retrograde gas condensate, and oil reservoirs.

Wellbore model

  • Multiphase flow
  • Comminged, turbulent inflow
  • Fully-defined configurations
  • Vertical/horizontal wells
  • Gas lift

Gathering system model

  • Multiphase, multi-component pipeline flow
  • Multiple delivery points Compression (parallel and booster configurations)
  • Chokes, valves, regulators, separators, line heaters, in-line separators with products remaining in network
  • Corrosion based pipeline risk of failure assessment
  • Energy balance for flowing temperature calculation
  • Hydrate calculation
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