POWERVIS Viscosifier | SLB


Linear biopolymer viscosifier

Coiled tubing debris-removal fluid

Provide higher thermal stability and lower ECD with a unique rheology profile

The innovative chemistry of the POWERVIS linear biopolymer viscosifier delivers lower pump pressures and equivalent circulating density (ECD), making it an ideal alternative for CT drilling or any applications where a solids-free system is being used.

Optimize effects with less product

Compared with xanthan-gum biopolymers, the POWERVIS viscosifier offers a range of advantages:

  • similar low-shear-rate viscosities at lower concentration levels
  • lower plastic viscosities and yield point
  • lower ECD, pressure loss, and free-spin pressures in coiled tubing operations
  • more resistance to thermal degradation while tolerating cement and higher pH.

Enhance efficiency with integration capabilities

The POWERVIS viscosifier can be used

The POWERVIS viscosifier is available in dry or liquid form,  enhancing operational flexibility.