Combination casing cleaning tool

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Reduce rig time by customizing magnet, scraper, and brush tools for your application

The MULTIBACK combination casing cleaning tool comprises an integral magnet section to capture ferrous debris, scrapers to dislodge difficult-to-remove debris, and brushes to disturb the sheath and other fluid built upon the inner wall of the casing or liner. The tool can be run in any combination of magnet, scraper, or brush.

The MULTIBACK tool is a combination of several other M-I SWACO tools, including

By enabling operators to choose the combination of these tools to meet their specific applications or requirements for wellbore cleanup, the MULTIBACK tool reduces rig time. Operators get three tools with only a single connection required. Additional tools can be added to the workstring to either facilitate more cleaning in a single run or to duplicate tools to ensure better coverage on a short trip.

multiback - combo
Multiback casing cleaning tool

Make up the tool to suit your application

The MULTIBACK tool is a one-piece mandrel with brush or scraper lanterns. It features a bladed-magnet upper section and two areas capable of accepting the RAZOR BACK tool or BRISTLE BACK brush lanterns. The assembly can also be fitted with the new field-redressable brush lantern. The redressable design cuts rig inventory and costs because it means the tools does not have to be returned to US or UK service centers.

Clean the wellbore so it's ready for completion

The strong, flexible scraper lantern has a series of metal blades that provide the force to contact and scour the casing ID to remove mudcake and cement sheaths— including associated gunk and solid debris—and place them in suspension.

The strong, flexible brush lantern, with double crimped steel galvanized bristles to withstand erosive environments, provides scouring action ensures a clean pipe wall. The MULTIBACK tool scrapes and brushes 360° of the casing ID.

The lanterns and stabilizers are nonrotational, which minimizes casing wear while rotating the workstring. Self-centralizing lanterns distribute cleaning force equally for all hole inclinations.