Ball-activated drilling circulating valve

Drilling valve

Mitigate drilling hazards and place lost circulation materials (LCMs)

The WELL COMMANDER ball-activated drilling circulating valve provides an alternate circulation path for such critical functions as placing lost circulation and wellbore strengthening materials.

The WELL COMMANDER valve allows operators to boost circulation to remove cuttings at strategic points in the drillstring. It allows them to condition or displace wellbore fluids at high flow rates or bypass sensitive downhole BHA tools with lost circulation or wellbore strengthening treatments with a simple, one-ball open-close functionality.

Multi-cycle ball-activated drilling valve
Ball-activated drilling circulating valve
WELL COMMANDER drilling circulating valve

Optimize extended-reach or other special-case drilling operations

In extended-reach drilling (ERD) or other drilling applications that encroach on fracture pressure, the tool can assist in placement of wellbore strengthening materials without routing the treatments through the BHA and bit.

In horizontal underbalanced and managed pressure drilling (UBD and MPD) applications, the WELL COMMANDER valve allows spotting and removing of kill-weight fluid in the vertical section prior to commencing the trip or continuing to drill. The tool can be used to good effect for conditioning wellbore fluids at high flow rates in any drilling or displacement string. The ports also promote jetting BOP cavities at high flow rates, when properly positioned.

The WELL COMMANDER valve is placed above MWD and LWD tools, core barrels, mud motors, and other sensitive BHA equipment. Its valve helps fill or drain the drillstring during trips to control surge and swab pressures and enhance tripping operations by minimizing fluid discharge.