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Organic clay acid stimulation fluid

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High-performance acid system for sensitive sandstone formations

Wells in the sandstone formations common to the US Gulf Coast generally have migrating fines that can plug the near-wellbore area and severely limit production. Although conventional stimulation fluids, such as hydrochloric (HCl) or mud acid, can clean up the wellbore and stimulate the sandstone, they do not penetrate deep into the formation nor stabilize fines. Conventional acids can also have adverse effects in formations with certain types of clays, like zeolite and chlorite, that are unstable in HCl acid.

OCA organic clay acid stimulation fluid penetrates deep into the sensitive formation and stabilizes clays and fines without the adverse effects of conventional acid systems.

Production after previous stimulations.

Bolivian Operator Uses High-Performance Acid System to Increase Mature Well Production 400%

OCA organic clay acid fluid and OilSEEKER acid diverter help YPFB Andina remove wellbore damage and restore hydrocarbon production

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Innovative acid system

OCA fluid is a high-performance acid system designed for sensitive sandstone formations that can present the biggest challenge to conventional acidizing treatments. Because of the damaging precipitation of secondary and tertiary reaction products, conventional mud acid has the highest chance of failure in formations with very high temperature or a high clay content that is sensitive to HCl.

OCA fluid combines a retardation effect and advanced chelation technology for stimulation deep into the reservoir with minimal precipitation. It reduces the risk of diminished production as well as secondary and tertiary mineral precipitation that can block pores. Its retarded properties allow a reduced corrosivity. OCA fluid also combats sludging problems that plague conventional acid systems and stabilizes formation fines while maintaining the integrity of the sandstone structures to promote long-term production.