Gravel-pack sandstone stimulation solution

OneSTEP Family single-stage sandstone stimulation solutions.

Combine gravel-packing with filtercake removal and near-wellbore stimulation

The OneSTEP GP gravel-pack sandstone stimulation solution is part of a new approach to single fluid stage formulation; it's specifically designed for dual functionality. This fluid has the capability to be used as a gravel-pack carrier fluid that works for filtercake removal, and it also has the stimulation capacity to remove potential damage near the wellbore.

This combination means the fluid is ideal for removing drilling mud filtercake in openhole wells, with or without sand control screens, formation fines, organic materials, emulsions, and inorganic scale.

OneSTEP GP gravel-pack sandstone stimulation solution

Clean up the open hole after a sand control completion

OneSTEP GP fluid can also be used in horizontal wells after a sand control operation to clean up the openhole section and improve production. A scale inhibition additive can also be added to the fluid in formations with high scaling tendencies.

The fluid's minimized chemical package system significantly reduces risks of incompatibility with formation hydrocarbons and minimizes corrosion risks.

Graph - The oil production increased after the treatment to 330 bbl/d with a completion skin of 1.2.

Operator Increases Production by More than 100 bbl/d After Pumping OneSTEP GP Fluid Through ESP

Matrix stimulation treatment saves operator time and USD 280,000 in workover costs

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