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WellWatcher Stim

Stimulation monitoring service

Stimulation optimization enabled by the WellWatcher Stim stimulation monitoring service.

Improve stimulation effectiveness and reduce remedial costs

WellWatcher Stim stimulation monitoring service improves hydraulic fracturing, acidizing, and other well operations by confirming downhole events in near-real time. With fast setup and a minimal location footprint, the service verifies events such as actuation ball landing, plug setting, port shifting, fluid entry into the reservoir, and fluid diversion and multi-well pressure and hydraulic interactions.

Corrective measures (for example, reruns or additional ball drops) can be immediately implemented if required, saving time and money by avoiding later remediation operations and production losses.

Overcome the limitations of relying on surface pressure responses

During pumping, powerful high-frequency pressure pulses travel downhole. A downhole restriction, such as a fracture or change in tubing diameter, reflects part of the pulse energy back to the surface. WellWatcher Stim service uses proprietary algorithms and technology to analyze and visualize these returning pulses during stimulation treatments, detecting and verifying critical events such as interstage diversion, interstage isolation, and fracture hits in offset wells. The technology has been proved in wells up to 20,000-ft [6,100-m] MD.

WellWatcher Stim stimulation monitoring service.
Stimulation optimization.

WellWatcher Stim Service Improves North Sea Stimulation

High-frequency pressure monitoring technology identified an isolation failure that conventional pressure analysis did not sense. The discovery enabled immediate restimulation of the stage.

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WellWatcher Stim stimulation monitoring service improves stimulation effectiveness and reduces remedial costs.

Conventional methods of optimizing treatment designs often require invasive and costly solutions which only provide information after the fact. These tools have limited resolution and factors such as slurry density, pump rate changes and fluid transmissibility can impact their reliability.

Complete exploration wells with confidence

WellWatcher Stim service is strongly recommended for exploration wells, where reservoir knowledge is limited and the stimulation strategy is unproven. By providing conclusive evidence of stimulation effectiveness for each zone, it enables you to fine tune your strategy and optimize production.

Multi-well monitoring of fracture geometry and offset well interference

With WellWatcher Stim service ,real time monitoring of pressure profiles of multiple offset wells can be performed during a fracturing operation. This service used in conjunction with BroadBand services aids in making prompt execution decisions which limits the risk of communicating with neighboring wells (frac hits) or fracturing into undesirable zones.

WellWatcher Stim stimulation monitoring service.
WellWatcher Stim
Stimulation monitoring service