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Electronic firing head

perforating charges

The battery-powered eFire-TCP tubing-conveyed perforating electronic firing head enables greater flexibility and safety in initiating downhole devices. Low-level coded pressure pulses transmitted in the liquid- or partially gas-filled tubing are used to communicate with the firing head. Because the command pulses are distinct from other job events, the eFire-TCP firing head is not sensitive to high applied-pressure operations. Typical well operations can be performed prior to perforation, such as setting packers or pressure testing.

A pressure transducer in the firing head detects the pulses applied from the surface, and two separate processors are required to independently verify the command. Precise time delays can be specified to control underbalance and facilitate operational efficiency. These multiple barriers and no primary high explosives in the firing head or detonator provide a high level of operational safety. No moving parts in the eFire-TCP firing head further raises reliability.