eFire-CT Coiled Tubing-Deployed Electronic Firing Head | SLB


Coiled tubing–deployed electronic firing head

Coiled tubing operation during perforating.

Ensure precise control of perforating operations

Conventional CT methods for perforating and setting packers and plugs often require presetting operating windows. Typically, an operation cannot be aborted once it has begun unless the tool is removed from the operating window or the parameters are changed, which is a major disadvantage to operations.

The eFire-CT coiled tubing–deployed electronic firing head overcomes these disadvantages, providing a more efficient and economical means of performing a wide range of downhole explosive operations—from perforating with through-tubing equipment or the HSD high shot density perforating gun system to setting packers or plugs and running cutter services.

Perform reliable operations under changing conditions

The eFire-CT firing head arms after a programmable delay time. Once the delay expires, the controller in the eFire-CT firing head looks for a specific coded sequence of pump rate changes through the CT. Because the firing head requires a specific command, it is insensitive to other pressure and pumping operations and limited only by the CT.

Additionally, the eFire-CT firing head does not require a ball to its seat to operate. The operator can abort the firing sequence at any time prior to detonation, and the firing head is less sensitive to debris, which improves reliability in harsh operating conditions.

Diagram of an eFire-CT coiled tubing–deployed electronic firing head.
eFire-CT coiled tubing–deployed electronic firing head.