Solid Gauge Mandrel

Protective recess for WellWatcher permanent monitoring system gauges

Downhole permanent gauges.

Protect reservoir monitoring gauges during deployment and long-term production

The solid gauge mandrel provides a protective recess for WellWatcher permanent monitoring system gauges. It is available in various grades of metal to ensure characteristics equivalent or superior to the tubing. It can be installed in sweet to severely corrosive environments.

Choose materials and designs to suit your well conditions

Solid gauge mandrels are rated for various working pressures according to tubing weight and material grade. They have no inherent weak points or highly stressed areas because they are machined from a single block (billet) with no weld seams. All solid gauge mandrels are designed and manufactured to API Spec 5CT specifications for collapse pressures, burst pressures, tensile strengths, and drift. The mandrels are custom cut with premium connections. Tong space and thread recut lengths are provided as requested.

Solid Gauge Mandrel
Solid gauge mandrel used with WellWatcher permanent monitoring system gauges.