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Openhole Stand-Alone Screen Completions

Minimize sand control costs and complexity

Openhole Stand-Alone Screen Completions

Control sand production in formations with uniform particle-size distribution and <5% fines

Stand-alone screens (SASs) in open hole can provide highly reliable sand control completions at a lower cost and with less operational complexity than other openhole sand control completions and they can provide long-term productivity performance comparable to other openhole completions when applied in the right environment with the right procedures.

Filtercake removal for faster, more efficient cleanup

MUDSOLV NG integrated filtercake removal service is used to tailor the most effective cleanup strategy. The goal is to minimize screen plugging, impaired well performance, hardware-damaging hot spots, and corrosion.

Screens and inflow control devices

Schlumberger offers the broadest, most versatile sand screen portfolio in the industry. Robust, reliable, fit-for-purpose sand screens and inflow control devices give you the versatility to complete almost any type of interval for optimal recovery.

Specially designed packers for multizone completions

ResPack swellable bonded-to-pipe and ResPack Slip swellable slip-on packers consist of an elastomer that swells on contact with wellbore fluids (water or oil). Proprietary polymers with a built-in swelling delay mechanism prevent premature setting. Reactive fillers integrated into the elastomer prevent the loss of strength and deswelling effects seen in conventional water-swellable packers, thereby maximizing long-term reliability.

Openhole Stand-Alone Screen Completions