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Sand Control Services

Simplify your completion design, hardware and software selection, and operations

sand control services

Optimize your completion design with an integrated hardware and service package

Accelerate your sand control completions with an engineering-driven, total-system approach that optimizes the tools, fluid chemistries, technologies, software, services, and people to optimize production in openhole and cased hole unconsolidated sand environments.

As the industry leader in sand control, Schlumberger can help you with engineered planning, wellbore preparation, hardware selection (including screens, inflow control devices [ICDs], and packers), screen installation, and well cleanup. A holistic, integrated approach can save you time and cost by reducing risk and ensuring that all hardware, fluids, and operations are compatible and in some cases synergistic for maximum efficiency and economy.

sand control services

Remove filter cake in openhole completions.

Prepare your openhole completion for uniform  production by tailoring filter cake breakers to your well.

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