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HFTO Suppressor

Dampening tool

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The HFTO Suppressor dampening tool absorbs and reduces high-frequency torsional vibration downhole, minimizing the risk of BHA tool failure and enabling PDC cutters to stay sharp for faster, longer drilling. By optimizing drilling efficiency in challenging environments and improving BHA tool reliability, the dampening tool eliminates trips and improves ROP and footage.

Address Your Stress with the HFTO Suppressor Dampening Tool
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The HFTO Suppressor tool absorbs and reduces high-frequency torsional vibration downhole.
The HFTO Suppressor tool absorbs and reduces high-frequency torsional vibration downhole.

Relative motion of internal tungsten carbide rings fights resistance, transfers the mechanical energy into heat, and dissipates the heat into the drill fluid, which then carries it uphole, creating a dampening effect. Because the HFTO Suppressor tool contains no electrical parts, the mechanical design reduces the risk of BHA component fatigue-related failure.The HFTO Suppressor tool is less than 4 feet long, allowing for optimal downhole measurement reading, and enabling high dog leg capacity in directional wells. A nonmagnetic assembly prevents interference within the BHA.

Comparative models and simulation analyses performed using the IDEAS integrated dynamic design and analysis platform show how the HFTO Suppressor tool dampens HFTO by more than 60% compared with nondampened offset wells. IDEAS platform modeling may be provided as an additional service to optimize HFTO reduction through selective tool placement for customer-specific requirements. 


  • Drilling environments that induce excessive vibrations on the BHA, resulting in premature tool failure
  • Operations using RSS-powered BHAs
  • Formations that provoke high cutter damage and result in premature trips out of hole.