At-bit steerable systems

Render of a NeoSteer CL and NeoSteer CLx facing each other on the transitional technologies background
Screenshot of the NeoSteer CL ABSS animation achieving a ROP of 299 ft/h vs. 215 ft/h for the third-party vendor.

At-Bit Innovation Boosts ROP 40% While Drilling Each of 12 Wells in One Run—Vertical Through Curve to Lateral

Operator uses NeoSteer CL curve and lateral at-bit steerable system to drill through rock in the DJ Basin 40% faster than conventional equipment, drilling 10  out of 12 wells in a single run. And four of those wells were the fastest on the pad.

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Ziad Akkaoui, Product Expert with a video screen showing both NeoSteer systems

What is this new category—the at-bit steerable system?

That’s exactly what we asked the product expert. What is it? Why is it so groundbreaking? Read the full interview with Ziad on our Insights page.

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A unique category in steering technology

This technology is the first of its kind and represents a unique category bridging cutting structure and steerable technology.

At-bit steerable systems (ABSSs) are capable of drilling both high-dogleg severity (DLS) curve sections and straighter, higher-quality lateral sections at high performance without the need to change the configuration between sections. This saves significant time and tool cost associated with tripping out and changing the BHA while lowering CO2 emissions.

Both Neosteer ABSS with a backdrop of a rig in Midland, Texas
Close-up of the unique cutting elements from Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company.

Both the NeoSteer CL curve and lateral and the NeoSteer CLx extreme curve and lateral at-bit steerable systems are compatible with Blade Family cutting structures from Smith Bits, a Schlumberger company. These cutting elements have extraordinary durability in all kinds of environments and enable the NeoSteer CL and CLx ABSSs to drill farther, faster, more responsively, and in a single run. Additionally, both ABSSs have increased actuator pressure drop range, hold inclination and azimuth (HIA), and dual downlinking capabilities. Onboard near-bit sensors take continuous six-axis inclination and azimuth measurements with a 6-ft range, and optional natural gamma ray and azimuthal images with a 9-ft range.

At-bit steerable systems
Ziad Akkaoui giving an interview for Drilling Contractor

Get the best of both worlds

NeoSteer at-bit steerable systems are a new category of drilling systems—one that eliminates BHA reconfigurations between curve and lateral sections. Learn how and see what’s behind this industry-first technology in our article in Drilling Contractor.

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Decarbonize Your Operations

NeoSteer at-bit steerable systems are part of our Transition Technologies portfolio of solutions that help minimize your well construction CO2 footprint. These technologies reduce energy consumption and emissions, helping you reach your sustainability goals with improved efficiency, fewer trips, and less drilling time.

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