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MDT Tester: Openhole Sample Transfer

Dedicated system for heating, agitation, and pressurized transfer

Openhole MDT sample transfer equipment Hero image

Restore and transfer MDT tester openhole samples at pressure and temperature

To maintain the representative downhole conditions of openhole samples captured by the MDT modular formation dynamics tester, our custom-designed heading and agitation system recombines the gas and liquid phases retrieved as 250-cm3, 450-cm3, 1-galUS, or 2.75-galUS sample chambers.

The sample chamber is fitted to the system for repressurization, heating, and agitation to restore the sample to reservoir conditions prior to sample transfer or subsampling.

The heating jacket is electronically controlled to provide even indirect heating through a liquid-filled annulus. Heating to transfer takes less than 1 hour, with temperature controlled to ±1.8 degF [±1 degC].

Openhole MDT Sample Transfer Equipment
Sample transfer in process.
Section view of 1-galUS sample chamber of the MDT tester during sample agitation.
Section view of 1-galUS sample chamber of the MDT tester during sample agitation.

Reliable sample transfer with built-in validation

The transfer unit has a working pressure of up to 30,000 psi and is equipped with dedicated high-pressure hoses that are suitable for all transferred fluids and prevent cross-contamination.

The system’s validation manifold verifies the quality and maintenance of sample reconditioning by measuring the bubblepoint pressure of the hydrocarbon sample at ambient temperature, reservoir temperature, or both.