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Mozambique Enlightenment Project

High-resolution depth imaging to improve your understanding offshore Mozambique

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Depth-imaged seismic processing offshore Mozambique

Schlumberger, in collaboration with the National Petroleum Institute (INP) of Mozambique, is pleased to announce the ongoing Enlightenment project. The project covers the broadband prestack depth migration reprocessing of the 2013 survey acquired in the Mozambique Channel and Zambezi Delta.

The data is being processed through an optimized broadband workflow, including data-adaptive deghosting and advanced surface-multiple attenuation to provide the optimal signal-to-noise ratio at both high and low frequencies. An anisotropic prestack depth migration workflow includes high-resolution common image point tomography to resolve velocity variations and minimize distortions. Processing algorithms and methods are adapted for the full bandwidth of the data to improve your understanding at the reservoir level.

The new depth-imaged product improves imaging of deepwater clastic reservoirs, enhances fault resolution at the target areas, and has better amplitude fidelity for direct hydrocarbon indicator (DHI) evaluation. This enables you to derisk the petroleum system and further enhance your evaluation of basins offshore Mozambique.

Mozambique legacy data Mozambique reprocessed data

The Enlightenment project is underway, and final products will be available to licensees Q4 2023.

Offshore Mozambique data
Data acquired in collaboration with the INP.

Mozambique Enlightenment project

Project highlights 

  • Approximately 30,000 km broadband acquisition in 2013 using Q-Marine point-receiver marine seismic system
  • Long-offset data, 10-km streamer length
  • Data-adaptive source and receiver-side deghosting 
  • High-resolution anisotropic depth imaging
  • Kirchhoff prestack depth migration