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Crosswell seismic imaging service

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Bridge the deep reading gap

Measurements from DeepLook-CS crosswell seismic imaging service bridge the gap between well logs and surface seismic measurements by collecting seismic data between two or more wells. Velocity, reflection, and other sonic properties are measured to provide structural and physical characteristics in both the horizontal and vertical directions

Bridge of the deep reading gap

Seismic imaging at the reservoir scale.

Crosswell seismic imaging (left) of the reservoir delivers up to 100 times the resolution of surface seismic data (right) to improve your understanding of reservoir geometry, rock properties, and fluid migration.

Crosswell seismic imaging Surface seismic data

High-resolution imaging between wells

DeepLook crosswell seismic imaging service simultaneously accesses two or more wells to measure the interwell space.

A downhole seismic source is lowered into one well, and a receiver array is lowered into one or more adjacent wells. As the source is moved up the wellbore, it transmits very high-bandwidth sound waves (100 to 2,000 Hz) through the interwell space to the receivers, where the seismic data is collected.

The receiver array is then repositioned in the well, and the source again transmits sound waves. This process is replicated until all areas of the reservoir or zone of interest are covered vertically at a vertical resolution of 5 ft [1.5 m].

The resulting image resolution is up to 100 times that of conventional seismic surveys.

High resolution imaging between wells
DeepLook-CS crosswell surveying employs a seismic source in one well and receivers in another well to image reservoir intervals with a vertical resolution of 5 ft [1.5 m].
Crosswell seismic case study

High-Resolution Crosswell Seismic Imaging Increases Reef Production 300%

DeepLook-CS crosswell seismic imaging reveals discrete porous zones within a New Mexico carbonate reef

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Crosswell seismic imaging

Bring new insight with time-lapse monitoring

By conducting DeepLook-CS service imaging before implanting a water-, steam-, or CO2 flood, you'll have a high-resolution view of the structural complexity of the reservoir. This information can be used to evaluate the chances for success or to plan remedial action earlier in the life of the flood operation, saving time and money.

In addition to improving initial understanding of the reservoir, DeepLook-CS service can be used to monitor the progress of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations.

In the time-lapse image, the presence of gas banking shows that the CO2 flood is performing poorly. The 50-ft interval indicates the high resolution of the image from DeepLook-CS service.


Analysis of crosswell seismic imaging data provides accurate velocity, position, and anisotropy information for bridging the deep-reading gap between well logs and surface seismic surveys.

Our multidisciplinary interpretation experts work with you as needed to locate bypassed reserves and monitor fluid migration from the high-resolution interwell images. Reservoir geometry and features such as fractures and compartments can be accurately identified to support more effective field development.

Interpretation Services for DeepLook-CS Crosswell Seismic Imaging