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Encapsulating additive

Red, white, and orange fluid.
Hydraglyde - combo
A component in HydraGlyde drilling fluid systems, HydraCap additive minimizes clay dispersion and enhances wellbore integrity.

The HydraCap encapsulating additive is a low-molecular-weight, dry acrylic acid copolymer that provides excellent cuttings encapsulation by adsorbing onto the clay surfaces and forming a protective film that prevents cuttings from sticking to each other or the shaker screens. The additive limits dilution rates and low-gravity-solids loading by preventing clay solid from dispersing into the mud system.

How it improves drilling performance

  • Enhances removal of drill solids by reducing dispersion tendencies
  • Minimizes contribution to the viscosity of the system
  • Enhances flexibility by enabling use in KCl, NaCl, or freshwater
  • Adds easily to the active system through a premix
  • Improves shale stabilization
  • Significantly lowers screen-blinding potential compared with higher-molecular-weight encapsulators
Typical Physical Properties
Physical appearance
White micropowder
Bulk density
0.6 to 0.9
pH (at 5 g/L, dilution)
5 to 8
Solubility in water