ULTRAFREE Water-Based Mud ROP Enhancer | SLB


Water-based mud ROP enhancer

UltraDrill lubricating drill bit as it carves through rock
Person in orange PPE pouring drilling fluid into vial.

The ULTRAFREE water-based mud ROP enhancer is specifically designed to improve ROP in ULTRADRIL high-performance water-based drilling fluid systems, especially when run with PDC bits drilling through medium to hard shales.

Employing a special blend of surface active agents to keep the bit free of solids, the ROP enhancer also assists in removing any buildup of drill solids below the bit, enabling the cutters to make continuous contact with the formation.

This not only reduces bit and BHA balling but also lowers torque and drag.


  • Shale drilling
  • Offshore and onshore


  • Increases ROP while drilling shales
  • Improves bit life, reducing the number of trips
  • Reduces torque and drag
  • Improves mud filtercake quality and lowers fluid-loss values
  • Works well with high-performance PDC bits
  • Contains surface-active, metal-wetting agents that reduce the potential for bit and BHA balling
Typical Physical Properties
Physical appearance
Yellow to brown liquid
Specific gravity
0.78 to 0.85
Solubility (water)
Flash point
>201 degF [>94 degC]