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Ridged diamond element bit

Closeup of axeblade bit showing axe cutting elements
Ridged diamond element bit

Increased cutting efficiency for instant ROP improvement

AxeBlade bits employ elements with a unique geometry that cut rock in an innovative way—a combination of shearing and crushing. This cutting method achieves at least 22% deeper penetration, removing more formation to provide higher instantaneous ROP when using the same WOB and rpm applied to conventional PDC cutters. The diamond table on the element ridge, which is 70% thicker than that of a conventional cutter, gives the Axe ridged diamond element increased frontal impact resistance. For operators, this means that the AxeBlade bit delivers improved durability and dull condition for maximum ROP throughout the run.

Field performance of the AxeBlade ridged diamond element bit demonstrates up to 29% improvement in ROP compared with similar bit designs using conventional PDC cutters, saving you significant rig time and costs.

But we didn’t stop there.

Feet Drilled

Ridged elements further evolve with higher impact resistance and more instantaneous ROP improvement

The Axe element was an innovative leap in PDC bit performance, and from its success, Smith Bits engineers continue to develop effective new geometries using the ridged shape.

Indeed, extensive R&D and field testing has produced the Axe Ultra ridged diamond element. It builds on the proven Axe element geometry while improving the interface between the diamond table and substrate—a proprietary blend of polycrystalline diamond grain and optimized materials. This gives the ridge even more strength and resistance to wear, lengthening bit life for longer intervals and sustaining the performance of the classic Axe element.

Like its predecessor, the Axe Ultra element combines the shearing action of a conventional PDC cutter with the crushing action of a tungsten carbide insert (TCI). The ridged design enables more efficient cutting and heat dissipation.

Axe Ultra ridged diamond element
Axe Ultra ridged diamond element.
Axe TR triple-ridged diamond element
Axe TR triple-ridged diamond element.

Adapting to more drilling challenges

Introducing the Axe TR triple-ridged diamond element. Developed specifically for high-impact drilling conditions without sacrificing cutting efficiency, the triple-ridged shape increases impact strength by 15% while improving cutting efficiency by 29% in carbonate formations and by 4% in sandstone formations.

Axe SR scribe-ridged diamond element
Axe SR scribe-ridged diamond element.

Adapting benefits of the ridged shape continues with the Axe SR scribe-ridged diamond element. It combines the classic Axe element ridge with a scribe shape. And because the element is strategically placed in the cone, less WOB is needed to maximize cutting efficiency. By combining a scribe shape with the Axe element's exclusive ridged geometry, we create a new shape that further improves cutting efficiency by 34% compared to flat PDC cutter and 18% compared to the original ridged element.