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Concave diamond element bit

StrataBlade drill bit close up.

Increased cutting efficiency for instant ROP improvement

The StrataBlade concave diamond element bit saves rig time and costs by delivering faster instantaneous ROP. It withstands impact damage in interbedded drilling through medium-strength formations with unconfined compressive strengths (UCS), ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 psi [35 to 140 MPa].

StrataBlade Bit: This is What Innovation Looks Like
Concave diamond element bit
Feet Drilled
StrataBlade bit image with Strata element inset.
The StrataBlade concave diamond element bit features Strata elements strategically placed along the bit face.

Improved performance in medium-strength, interbedded formations

The strength of the StrataBlade bit is the unique geometry of Strata concave diamond elements. A tapered ridge with a thicker diamond table significantly resists impact damage. And the distinctive concave feature decreases the effective cutter back-rake angle to cut deeper into rock. Combined, these characteristics increase cutting efficiency, delivering up to 35% higher instantaneous ROP with the same input energy. For deep lateral wells where weight transfer to the bit is a challenge, the StrataBlade bit enables better torque response at the bit for superior steerability and conformance to directional trajectories.