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Drillbit optimization system

DBOS drillbit optimization system

Model, analyze, and adjust drillbit technologies to optimize drilling performance

Offset well data contains insight that can broaden your understanding of the drilling application, subsurface environment, and potential performance. Performing a deep, thorough analysis of available data can help optimize well placement and ultimate production—before a foot of hole is drilled.

Based in the industry-standard Techlog wellbore software platform, the DBOS system comprises well logs, formation tops, mud logs, rock mechanics, core analysis, bit records, real-time drilling parameters, dull grading condition, and survey data from more than 30,000 wells around the world.

DBOS Drillbit Optimization System Formation Analysis Plot
DBOS Drillbit Optimization System Well Trajectory

The DBOS system delivers a statistical analysis, a cross plot of drilling parameters, a box-and-whisker plot of lithology data, a 2D well trajectory model, and a 3D well viewer. These deliverables are presented graphically as a log plot as well as statistically as interval analysis plots, including histograms. These deliverables can be used to

  • assess expected formation characteristics and their section length based on offset logs
  • evaluate key bit performance variables and formation characteristics over the given intervals
  • identify the most suitable bit for drilling through one or more intervals based on field experience data and knowledge-based heuristics
  • optimize bit design and determination of interval cost per foot with a greater certainty and reduced risk
  • perform a postrun evaluation of bit performance based on actual well parameters and bit dull condition for feedback into the DBOS system for continuous improvement.