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Rapid bit grading application

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Download SnapScan rapid bit grading application today to rapidly improve your drilling performance.

SnapScan application

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Rapid bit grading application

Rapid improvement in cutting structure

SnapScan application is trained on more than 20,000 images, which classify cutter primary characteristics. The photographic digital dull information is incorporated into workflows, enabling rapid improvement in cutting structure and cutter development life cycles with corresponding rapid improvements in drilling improvements.

SnapScan application platforms

SnapScan technology consists of five main platforms:

  • Digital acquisition system
  • Empowered analysis of digital inputs
  • 360-degree integrated view
  • Big data analytics
  • AI-driven optimization and recommendation capabilities.

The information is delivered through a mobile application, which can generate a bit report. A dedicated web-based tenant platform performs further data management.

Roberta Santana, Product Champion PDC Bits

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The SnapScan application is faster, easier, and more accurate than manually dull grading bits postrun.

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