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Short-makeup drill bit

AccuStrike short makeup drill bit.

AccuStrike™ short-makeup drill bit helps overcome challenges in building the curve section in directional applications to achieve the desired dogleg output for the planned well profile. The drill bit delivers high doglegs by reducing the distance between the cutting structure and steering pads on a rotary steerable system.

Global deployment for laterals.
AccuStrike bits have enabled operators across the globe to achieve more than 200 successful runs.

AccuStrike bits can be used in directional drilling applications to achieve high dogleg output and build the planned well profile efficiently.

  • Reduces distance between cutting structure and steering pads for high doglegs
  • Facilitates efficient turning of steering energy into buildup rates
  • Creates stiffness at the bit level to direct the BHA in the desired direction
  • Reduces shock and vibrations for increased BHA reliability
  • Lowers steering ratio where DLS achievement is possible
  • Improved directional capability for curve and laterals
  • Compatibility with all drillbit technologies, including 3D-shaped cutters and Aegis™ 3D-printed armor
  • Modeled and optimized for PowerDrive Orbit G2™ rotary steerable system
  • Optimized link (L1) distance across application
AccuStrike bits change the market.
The AccuStrike short-makeup drill bit (far right) is engineered for sharper turns compared with conventional drill bits.