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Fluid mapping-while-drilling service

Test tubes holding different weights of oil, arranged from darkest to lightest.

Map reservoir characteristics while drilling with downhole fluid analyses and representative samples

The unique ability to fully understand reservoir fluid properties during drilling operations creates new possibilities in well placement and reservoir characterization, while reducing costs. The SpectraSphere service delivers these advantages in multiple environments—from enabling advanced knowledge of untapped reservoirs in exploration to derisking fluid analysis and sampling in highly deviated development wells.

Use a new generation of measurements

Building on the experience gained from the StethoScope formation pressure-while-drilling service and the MDT modular formation dynamics tester, the SpectraSphere service provides accurate pressure measurements, performs downhole fluid analysis, and acquires high-quality samples while drilling. The result is operational efficiency for better steering decisions and optimized productivity.

Improve pressure measurement, fluid analysis, and downhole sampling

The new service comprises

  • pretest module that delivers a precise formation pressure-while-drilling measurement
  • fluid mapping module that includes a pumpout module for accurate flowline control and a unique downhole fluid analyzer for real-time fluid steering, contamination monitoring, and in situ fluid property measurements
  • sample carrier module to obtain the samples.
A deepwater rig at night whose reflection has been replaced with an LWD log from the SpectraSphere fluid mapping-while-drilling service
Fluid mapping-while-drilling service