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Published: 03/23/2018

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

The OTC Asia Spotlight on New Technology Awards recognize new technologies in the offshore energy sector and highlight the latest and most advanced technologies that are leading the industry forward.

Two technologies from Schlumberger are named as 2018 OTC Asia Spotlight on New Technology Award recipients:

Pulsar Multifunction Spectroscopy Service

The Pulsar multifunction spectroscopy service pairs multiple detectors with a high-output pulsed neutron generator to provide stand-alone cased hole formation evaluation and reservoir monitoring with openhole logging quality. Operators are no longer limited in understanding their reservoir rock and fluid content for optimizing completion design and maximizing production.

Unlike conventional cased hole logging, no openhole data input is necessary to obtain a high-resolution volumetric petrographic interpretation, so rigless well logging can be conveniently conducted without disrupting drilling operations. Logging a well after it has been cased also negates well instability risks—especially in laterals and shale reservoirs.

SpectraSphere Fluid Mapping-While-Drilling Service

To increase operational efficiency and make better steering decisions, the SpectraSphere fluid mapping-while-drilling service provides accurate pressure measurements, performs downhole fluid analysis, and acquires high-quality samples while drilling.

The SpectraSphere service enables productivity drilling by maximizing reservoir contact and therefore increasing reservoir production potential while drilling. The unique ability to fully understand reservoir fluid properties during drilling operations creates new possibilities in well placement and reservoir characterization, while reducing costs. The first technology in the industry to deliver downhole fluid composition in real time while drilling, the service delivers these advantages in multiple environments— from enabling advanced knowledge of untapped reservoirs in exploration to derisking fluid analysis and sampling in highly deviated development wells.

Learn more about these and other innovative technologies in the Schlumberger Resource Library.

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