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Definitive gyro-while-drilling service

GyroLink definitive gyro-while-drilling service.

The GyroLink™ definitive gyro-while-drilling service delivers precise well positioning for a wide range of applications and well designs. With no limitations on inclination, orientation, or geographical location, the system guides highly accurate wellbore positioning even in challenging and longer drilling profiles. GyroLink service solves operational challenges including harsh drilling conditions, mature field development, and geothermal well interception.

In harsh and complex drilling environments, the compact collar and three-axis, solid-state gyro technology deliver more reliable, faster, and higher accuracy surveys—closer to the bit—to improve operational performance. GyroLink service reduces the risk of stuck pipe, assists with relief-well drilling, and enables longer drilling sections. With reduced ellipse of uncertainty, GyroLink service accommodates vertical, through-the-curve, horizontal, and extended-reach lateral drilling operations.

GyroLink service survey times are 63 seconds—75% faster than conventional gyro surveys—increasing drilling efficiency and optimizing well construction. Autonomous survey quality control enables remote decision making and saves operating time. Less time on the rig means less HSE exposure, costs, and emissions.

  • Infill drilling
  • Ranging
  • Unconventionals
  • Geothermal drilling
  • Onshore and offshore
  • Provides precise survey data quickly
  • Enables accurate well spacing in dense reservoir sections
  • Solves operational challenges including harsh drilling, mature field development, and geothermal well interception
  • Maximizes economic recovery of the reservoir through high-quality boreholes
  • Autonomously performs survey quality control to enable remote decision making and save operating time
  • Minimizes stuck-pipe risk
  • Reduces HSE exposure, costs, and emissions
Survey collection in 63 seconds
Three-axis, solid-state gyro technology
Temperature rating: 150 degC [302 degF]
Autonomous survey for remote decision making
High accuracy at all altitudes

With three solid-state gyroscopic sensors to determine wellbore position, GyroLink service guides directional drilling in complex operations and enables a range of digital solutions.

  • Data is streamed via MWD mud pulse, electromagnetic signals, or wired drillpipe.
  • GyroLink service provides a smaller ellipse of uncertainty than both magnetic and gyroscopic surveying technologies.
  • 3D visualization of the wellbore shape with MicroGuide™ high-resolution tortuosity logging enables optimization of borehole quality, drilling operations, and completion design.
  • AI-enabled software automates the survey quality check and supports remote operations.

GyroLink service replaces conventional surveying technologies, such as MWD or rotating-mass gyro.

GyroLink is a mark of SLB.
MicroGuide is a mark of GyroData, Inc.

Hit the Mark: GyroLink Definitive Gyro-While-Drilling Service
Three-axis, solid-state gyro technology delivers faster surveys—closer to the bit—and precision wellbore placement to improve well construction efficiency.

MicroGuide log
optimizes MWD

Visualize wellbore trajectory in real time and customize analysis to optimize drilling and completion. MicroGuide high-resolution tortuosity log is the industry’s only true tortuosity log, enabling operators to easily identify anomalies in the wellbore to smoothly manage drilling, completion, and production operations.