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Cameron Mud Pumps

Low-opex, reliable solutions for land or offshore drilling

close-up of the CMP-2200 offshore mud pump
Cameron Mud Pumps
Watch the Cameron mud pumps in action.

Cameron mud pumps provide superior performance for your onshore or offshore applications.

Built on more than 40 years of experience and the successful WH-Series mud pump design, these improved pumps are constructed with premium components to ensure low total cost of ownership and increased reliability.

Land drilling

Cameron provides 1,600- and 2,000-hp mud pumps for land applications.

These single-acting reciprocating triplex mud pumps deliver increased reliability and maintainability in a smaller, lighter footprint.

Our onshore mud pumps have a focus on improved pump reliability. They used advanced materials and treatments to improve bearing life, and their carburized and hardened gears resist pitting and wear.

CMP-1600 mud pump for land drilling.
CMP-1600 mud pump for land drilling.
The CMP-2200 offshore mud pump
CMP-2200 mud pump for offshore drilling.

Offshore drilling

The 2,200-hp mud pump for offshore applications is a single-acting reciprocating triplex mud pump designed for high fluid flow rates, even at low operating speeds, and with a long stroke design. These features reduce the number of load reversals in critical components and increase the life of fluid end parts.

The pump’s critical components are strategically placed to make maintenance and inspection far easier and safer. The two-piece, quick-release piston rod lets you remove the piston without disturbing the liner, minimizing downtime when you’re replacing fluid parts.

Technical Specifications CMP-1600 CMP-2000 CMP-2200
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Application Land drilling Land drilling Offshore drilling
Power, hp 1,600 2,000 2,200
Discharge pressure, psi [MPa] 7,500 [51.7] 7,500 [51.7] 7,500 [51.7]
Flow rate, galUS/min [L/min] 826 [3,125] 964 [3,640] 1,272 [4,815]