Chemical Demulsifiers

For crude oil dehydration and desalting using tuned emulsion breaker chemistry

Production chemicals

Demulsifier chemicals formulated to complement the crude oil dehydration process and enable efficient desalting of crude oil

Demulsifiers ensure that the residual water and salt content in crude and the oil content of separated water meet required specifications. They disrupt the ordered structure of the natural surfactants that stabilize the emulsion, enabling the dispersed droplets to coalesce and form larger droplets that move to the oil/water interface.

Cost-effective demulsifiers are formulated for your specific application or facility. A wide range of factors—including injection location, nature of the oil and produced water, environmental requirements, and equipment and facility limitations—are thoroughly evaluated to minimize operational disruption and cost.

A holistic approach to separation of oil and water is beneficial to the overall performance of the facility.

Heater treaters where demulsifiers, heat, and electrostatic fields separate water and salt from crude oil.
An oil-water separator offshore.

Custom-engineered demulsifier enhances oil dehydration

Eliminating periodic buildup of an interfacial layer in the oil-water separator improves the quality of the oil and discharged water, North Sea.

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