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Geosolutions Software

Streamline your geophysical workflows, from seismic acquisition to production optimization

Fit-for-purpose geophysical software

Industry-leading software enhances your understanding of the subsurface across the entire E&P life cycle. We offer a wide range of fit-for-purpose software options and plug-ins for everything from survey design and in-field QC to processing, model building, and imaging.

geophysical seismic software
Geophysics Software
With our industry-leading visualization, interpretation, and collaboration tools at your fingertips, you can rapidly process and perform high-quality geophysical interpretation of seismic or nonseismic methods.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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Seismic Processing in DELFI Environment

Process and visualize seismic data across domain expertise using cost-efficient high performance computing.

Omega Geophysical Data Processing Platform

Transform your seismic, electromagnetic (EM), microseismic, and vertical seismic profile (VSP) data into intelligence you can use to reduce risks and increase your chances of success across the E&P life cycle.

Petrel Geophysics Plug-Ins

More flexibly assess and develop your prospects with geophysics software plug-ins for everything from data acquisition to reservoir characterization.

Controlled-Source Electromagnetics
CSEM data visualization and preconditioning, and integrated modeling, inversion, and interpretation in 1D, 2D, and 3D.

Earth Model Building
Integration with Omega platform data that extends workflows for a unified, reliable earth model.

eXchroma Chromatic Geology Extraction Software
Mapping of the seamless transition from mass transport deposits to turbidites as reservoirs and the seals above.

Gravity and Magnetics
Potential field data visualization, anomaly enhancement, integrated 3D modeling, and interpretation.

MT data visualization and preconditioning, and integrated modeling, inversion, and interpretation in 1D, 2D, and 3D.

Prestack Seismic Interpretation
Visualization, interpretation, and interactive processing to bridge the gap between prestack and poststack interpretation workflows.

Quantitative Interpretation
Seamless seismic data conditioning, rock physics, fluid substitution, AVO/AVA analysis, and pre- and poststack deterministic and stochastic inversion—all without leaving the Petrel platform.

Seismic Survey Design
Powerful analysis that enables planning, editing, executing, and assessing marine, land, OBC, and VSP surveys.

OMNI 3D Seismic Survey Design Software

Create optimal survey designs for acquiring land, marine, ocean bottom seismic (OBS), transition zone, VSP, and multicomponent data.

VISTA Desktop Seismic Data Processing Software

Process data acquired on land or offshore or as a VSP from the field to the final interpretation.

WinGLink Software

Process and model magnetotelluric (MT) data and post information from vertical or deviated wells on maps and cross sections to add model constraints.

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