Rotary steerable system delivers longest one-run build and lateral in Western Canada

Published: 07/05/2018

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Drilling performance plot of measured depth vs. time.
The PowerDrive Orbit RSS with xBolt G2 service employed rapid MWD to reduce surveying time, improve geosteering, and drill the play’s longest one-run build and lateral—5,031 m [16,506 ft]—in just 87 h at an average ROP of 58 m/h [190 ft/h]. Despite downhole temperatures exceeding 145 degC [293 degF], the advanced BHA ensured fast, consistent data transmission while drilling to a measured depth of 7,865 m [25,804 ft].
Canada, North America

As the Duvernay Play matures, oil and gas operators are turning to innovative technologies for enhanced horizontal drilling performance and productivity. SLB recommended PowerDrive Orbit™ RSS and xBolt G2™ accelerated drilling service as part of its integrated BHA solution. With the enhanced durability, higher ROP, and multitelemetry MWD capabilities, the operator drilled from spud to TD in less than 12 days—overcoming severe downhole conditions while setting new records for footage and speed.

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