Sidetrack milling operation retrieved 989.5-lbm ferrous debris

Published: 08/17/2023

Concrete blue texture
MAGNOGARD openhole magnet with collected ferrous debris.
Outfitted with the MAGNOGARD magnets and MAGNOSTAR magnets, the milling BHA recovered 989.5 lbm of ferrous debris—reducing the risk of complications due to downhole debris. The two MAGNOGARD magnets alone captured 124 lbm of debris, setting a new record for the tool. After the successful milling run, the operator used the high-strength magnets for the rathole extension run, capturing an additional 42 lbm of metallic remnants on the MAGNOGARD magnets in the openhole section and 351 lbm on the MAGNOSTAR magnets in the cased hole.

MAGNOGARD and MAGNOSTAR are marks of M-I L.L.C., an SLB company.

Guyana, South America

An operator in Guyana decided to pursue a cased hole sidetrack operation for a well with continued production potential. With an estimated 800 lbm of ferrous material downhole, the SLB drilling team proposed incorporating 12 MAGNOSTAR™ high-capacity magnets and 2 MAGNOGARD™ openhole magnets into the milling BHA designs.

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