MAGNOGARD Openhole Magnet | SLB


Openhole magnet

The MAGNOGARD magnet features powerful, easy-to-clean magnets embedded into deep collection valleys.

Remove potentially damaging debris before it causes NPT

Metallic debris and magnetized particles are present in almost all wellbores because of drillpipe and casing wear through string rotation, BHA component failure, or previous milling operations. The MAGNOGARD magnet is engineered for any openhole application with the potential for downhole debris, which can compromise current or future operations.

This magnet is run as an integral part of the drillstring to capture and retain metallic and magnetic debris from the wellbore. Its slick OD allows the tool to be rotated and reciprocated in the open hole without damaging the formation or the tool itself.

Increase drilling efficiency with proactive downhole debris management

The MAGNOGARD magnet reduces premature bit wear and BHA exposure to metallic, magnetic debris, or junk by capturing and retaining debris. Its advanced design ensures that all captured debris is retained out of the flow path, enabling maximum fluid bypass.

Use with debris-intolerant BHA components

Designed to be run above the BHA, this magnet features a tight magnetic field, so you can safely run the tool close to sensitive magnetic BHA equipment, such as MWD and LWD technologies.

Magnogard openhole magnet