Openhole magnet tool eliminates cleanup run, saving 16.5-h rig time

Published: 05/07/2021

Concrete blue texture
Well phase Precompletion
Well type J-shape
Inclination 71°
Section 8½ in × 9⅞ in

Photograph of more than 30 lbm of damaging debris captured with the integrated BHA.
The MAGNOGARD openhole magnet captured more than 30 lb [13.6 kg] of damaging debris during hole enlargement, eliminating the need for a separate cleanup trip. The operator drilled the section to TD in one run, saving 16.5 h of deepwater rig time compared with offset wells where multiple runs were made to achieve the same objective.
Australia, Oceania, Offshore

An operator planned to underream the 8½-in × 9⅞-in section of a deepwater well before performing a hole cleanout and mud conditioning operation. To maximize drilling efficiency and cleanup, SLB proposed an integrated BHA that included PowerDrive Orbit™ RSS, Rhino XC™ reamer, SWITCHBACK SCRAPER™ tool, WELL COMMANDER™ valve, and MAGNOGARD™ magnet.

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