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Digitally enabled performance

Enrich your performance and reduce emissions with the right data at the right time in the right hands

3D Abstract Render Close-up from the Performance Assurance Hero Solution

Merging expertise, processes, and technologies

SLB digitally enabled performance assurance is more than remote operations—it’s transformative. We integrate technology with a collaborative digital ecosystem to consolidate cross-domain knowledge and cross-functional capabilities. Our family of data-enriched performance capabilities help improve your overall performance by enabling better decision making with actionable data and unifying cross-domain workflows to evolve holistic, system-level optimization. You not only have more control of your deliverables and improved knowledge sharing, this also assures better operational consistency and reliability.

Performance Live Service

Assured wellsite operations and service

Transform legacy-job support models into an industry-leading digital operating environment that automates common processes so engineers can focus on data and improve your operational performance.

Performance Live Service
Well operations from anywhere at any time
Process Live Service
Process Live Service: GHG Control
Manage gas emissions by proactively mitigating leaks while cutting costs of product loss or regulatory impacts.

Optimize your process performance and uptime

Optimize the economics of your production network and process facility―from point source to enterprise level. Process Live data-enriched performance service leverages the support of OEM domain experts with a full system view that can reduce your costs while improving your profits.

Featured case studies

  • Quick and seamless transition to digitally connected operations enables new drilling record.
    Quick and Seamless Transition to Digitally Connected Operations Enables New Drilling Record

    Performance Live service helps sustain operations while improving drilling efficiency. View

  • Voltage data showing differences between properly operating and faulty process facility equipment.
    Proactive Desalter Unit Repair Saves Facility Millions

    Process Live service experts discover voltage problem in electrostatic treater units, enabling rapid correction. View

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