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Fusible Hold-Open Device

For rising stem gate valve actuators

Schlumberger Oilfield Services

The Cameron fusible hold-open device holds 2- to 6-in reverse-acting gate valves in the open position during wireline operations and releases to close in the event of fire.

This device mounts on top of any Cameron rising stem gate valve actuator.

A special nonmetallic, eutectic plug in the housing assembly holds the actuated gate valve in the open position. If a fire-based emergency occurs, the plug will melt from exposure to the high temperatures.

Easy installation

With the actuator shaft in its down (open) position, the fusible hold-open device is threaded directly onto the actuator, hydraulic booster, or electric position indicator. The procedure is reversed for removal.

Easy adjustment

The device can be easily adjusted up or down to maintain contact with the top shaft of the actuator.

Fusible Hold Open Device