High-Performance Butterfly WKM Valves | SLB

High-performance butterfly WKM valves

Lightweight, reliable valves for a very wide range of applications


High-performance butterfly WKM™ valves are lightweight and reliable double-offset butterfly valves for throttling and abrasive applications. These low-emissions valves can be further enhanced to comply with API Standard 641.

Sizes: 2 1/2–36 in
Pressures: ASME Class 150 and Class 300
Temperatures: High-temperature service up to 750 degF

The valves are ideal for handling water, oil, steam, gas, and slurries across a wide range of industries:

  • chemical and petrochemical
  • power generation
  • oil and gas drilling and production
  • fuel-handling systems
  • utilities
  • marine applications (ships, rigs, and vessels).

Our butterfly WKM valves provide the sealing of a ball or gate valve but in a much smaller profile. They are engineered to be heavy duty and maintenance free.

  • Lug or wafer style
  • Bidirectional seat
  • Double offset
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel body options
  • Adjustable stem seal packing
  • Positively retained stem