Dynatorque DT

Quarter-turn severe-service gear operators

close up of multiple gears

Dynatorque DT™ quarter-turn severe-service gear operators provide a single-source solution for both standard and customized gears. Our high-quality products are available with many different frame and spur combinations and in a range of materials.

These gear operators can be used with manual and automated valves deployed in a range of industries, such as oil and gas, chemicals, paper and pulp, and food processing. In fact, they are suitable for any application that requires valve operation, including marine, submerged, and high- and low-temperature applications.

Dynatorque DT gear operators provide you with a mechanical advantage and can be supplied to meet your specific mounting requirements. A robust manufacturing process with rigorous approval standards (such as ISO standards) delivers products you can count on.

  • Standard mounting or configured to your requirements
  • Compatibility with American Water Works Association (AWWA) criteria
  • Valve locking devices
  • Declutchable and nondeclutchable manual override availability
  • Partial-stroke test device
  • Spur and miter gear option
  • Handwheels
Model Unit Weight, lbm Max. Output Torque, lbf.in Gear Ratio Turns for 90° Standard Bore, in Standard Key Size, in Bolt Circle Diameter, in Mechanical Advantage Handwheel Size, in Rim Pull, lbf
Model DT3SG  Unit Weight, lbm 8 Max. Output Torque, lbf.in 3,000 Gear Ratio 30:1 Turns for 90° 7.5 Standard Output Bore 1.000 Standard Key Size, in × in 0.250 Standard Mounting Pattern (Bolt Circle) 3.250 Mechanical Advantage 8.10 Handwheel Size, in 14 Approximate Rim Pull, lbf 53
Model DT7SG  Unit Weight, lbm 14 Max. Output Torque, lbf.in 7,000 Gear Ratio 48:1 Turns for 90° 12 Standard Output Bore 1.750 Standard Key Size, in × in 0.375 Standard Mounting Pattern (Bolt Circle) 5.000 Mechanical Advantage 12.96 Handwheel Size, in 18 Approximate Rim Pull, lbf 60
Model DT21SG   Unit Weight, lbm 33 Max. Output Torque, lbf.in 21,000 Gear Ratio 60:1 Turns for 90° 15 Standard Output Bore 2.500 Standard Key Size, in × in 0.500 Standard Mounting Pattern (Bolt Circle) 5.512 Mechanical Advantage 13.20 Handwheel Size, in 36 Approximate Rim Pull, lbf 88



  • Handwheels listed are recommended sizes to produce full rated torque with the rim effort listed.
  • Bores, keyways, and mounting patterns listed are for SLB standard stock.
  • Standard mounting patterns on the DT3SG, DT7SG, and DT21SG are four tapped holes, straddling the centerline at 45°.