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3D Far-Field Sonic Service | Video

Published: 12/04/2019

Schlumberger Oilfield Services
3D Far-Field Sonic Service
Extend sonic imaging and achieve true dip and azimuth

Traditional sonic imaging gives you a 2D view of subsurface fractures and structural features. But in reality, these are 3D features, which requires a 3D perspective to accurately map them. Enter a new dimension in sonic imaging with the 3D far-field sonic service. The service enables you to identify the true dip and azimuth of fractures and structural features and assess fracture and structural connectivity from the near wellbore to the far field to optimize completion and fracturing design.

The rich dataset for the 3D far-field sonic service is acquired by the advanced Scanner Scanner acoustic scanning platform. And now, it can also be acquired by ThruBit Dipole through-the-bit acoustic service. With the new enhanced telemetry, you can acquire sonic data up to 3× faster that conventional sonic logging speed. Acoustic signals from the monopole and dipole transmitters are emitted into the formation to achieve higher resolution and greater depth of investigation. The reflected acoustic signals from the structural features are detected using 13 receiver stations with 8 azimuthal sensors on each station. 

A novel workflow enables us to examine all 104 waveforms simultaneously, translating these to dip and azimuth using a 3D coherence algorithm, coupled with advanced ray-tracing analysis. This new automated workflow delivers consistent results up to 10× faster, reflecting depths up to 160 ft or more. The interpreted far-field structural data seamlessly integrates with borehole imaging logs to improve drilling and completion designs, fracture evaluation, and seismic and structural modeling.

See far beyond your near wellbore with 3D far-field sonic service.

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